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The 2022 world series game 3 postpones due to rain

In recent news, game 3 of world series 2022 was supposed to take place on Oct 31, 2022, in Philadelphia. With forecasts more in favor of rain than the game, the game was postponed to be held on Nov 1, 2022, instead. Game 3 is between Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros.

The postponed game schedule

Due to a rainy weather forecast, world series game 3 was shifted to Tuesday, just an hour before the match time. This shift further postponed game 4 to Wednesday from Tuesday and game 5 to Thursday from Wednesday.

Initially, Thursday was marked as a travel day, but now MLB has shifted the rest day to Friday, having scheduled games 6 and 7 for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. also read:- Davido’s one year old son drowns and found dead

Astros coach, Mr. Dusty Baker showed disappointment in the delay that came. He believes that sometimes the postponed waiting duration makes the team tired, therefore, hampering the team’s performance later.

Pros of a rained out match – better matchups

Now that the game 3 got postponed from Monday to Tuesday, and the rest day shifted to Friday from Thursday, a few players have seen a reschedule of their performances as well.

Keeping rest days in focus, Aaron Nola will play in the game 4 rescheduled for Wednesday, after continuous rest. Meanwhile, the Houston Astros wishes to maintain the rotation, putting Justin Verlander to begin game 5, after a bonus rest day. Similary, Wheeler from Phillies to show up in game 6 after two days of rest.

Further, Noah Syndergard will take Nola’s stride in game 5, paving the way for a deeper pitch stance. Ranger Suarez to give a fair competition to Houston Astros’ Lance Mccullers Junior in game 3.

About 2022 World Series

The 2022 world series is the 118th edition of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) 2022 season. The series began on October 28th, set for a best-of-seven playoff between the American league’s champions – The astros, and the National league’s champions – Philadelphia.


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