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That small and beautiful neighboring country of India where there are Muslims but no mosque, many temples.

No mosque in Bhutan: There is neither a mosque nor a church in a neighboring country adjacent to India. Muslims are allowed to offer prayers in a room in a community building in its capital. This country is very beautiful and ancient too. However, there are Buddhist and Hindu temples there.

  • Can you believe that there will be a country in India’s neighborhood, where Muslims and people of other religions live, but there are only Buddhist temples and monasteries? There are also some Hindu temples but there is neither a mosque nor a church. Many times Muslims sought permission to do this but it was not allowed.

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  • The name of this small beautiful country is Bhutan. The total population there is around 7.5 lakh. Where 84.3 percent of the population is Buddhist, Buddhist temples and monasteries are in abundance. Hindus constitute 11.3 per cent of the population. They also have temples and shrines there. A few years ago, the King of Bhutan himself has built a magnificent Hindu temple in the capital Thimphu. The Muslim population in Bhutan is about 01. percent.
  • Goa, India’s smallest state in terms of population and population, is equal to one-fifth of its area in area. But the population there is exactly double that of Goa i.e. around 14 lakh. In India, Kerala is a state that is close to Bhutan (38,863 sq km) with an area of 38,394 square kilometers, but its population is 3.46 crore, which is about 450 times more.
  • The total number of Muslims in Bhutan is around 5000 to 7000. For a long time, they ave been demanding to build a mosque there, but officially there is no mosque there, nor has the government allowed it. Similarly, Christianity has been there for a long time, but the Bhutan government never allowed them to build a church.
  • Muslim tourists who often visit Bhutan want to know where the mosque is there. Where can they offer namaz during their journey? The answer they get is that officially there is a small prayer hall in Bamthang, in which Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are allow to pray in three separate rooms. However, tourists are also allowe to pray in their hotel rooms.
  • This is a huge Hindu temple built in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, which is known as a Hindu temple by the religious community. It has idols of many Hindu gods and goddesses. Hindus here usually worship Ganesha and Durga ji more. Till the 07th century, this country was under the Behar dynasty of India, but after that it converted to Buddhism.
  • Although there is information on the Internet that there is a mosque in Thimphu, there is officially no such building or building in this country other than Buddhist and Hindu places of worship. Nor is the Government of Bhutan considering doing anything similar in the future. Privately, some Muslims have built minarets on their houses, where they offer namaz.
  • Buddhists who live in Bhutan usually belong to its Vajrayana branch. The king is also related to this, but Bhutan gives freedom to everyone religiously. Hindus from Bhutan usually live in its southern areas. Their number is close to one lakh. They belong to the tribe Lotshampa here. The religion of the third monkey is Bon, which usually follows Buddhist customs.
  • If the report is to be believed, then the population of Christians here is about 30000,01. These people are basically Nepalese. There are no Christian missionaries or churches in this country. Muslims in Bhutan areĀ  per cent or less and bhutan’s constitution does not even recognize this religion.

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