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Teeth Temple: These gods are worshiped in this unique ‘temple of teeth’

About the Temple of teeth: There are many such temples in the world which are not only mysterious but also unique. One of these is the Temple of Teeth. Today we are going to tell you about this temple based on the information given by astrology expert Dr. Radhakant Vats.

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About Temple

  • The ‘temple of teeth’ we are talking about exists in Sri Lanka. Lord Gautam Buddha’s teeth are kept in this temple.
  • Hence the name ‘Temple of Teeth’. There is a belief about the tooth kept in this that it is still growing a little bit.
  • It is believed that when Gautam Buddha died, his last rites  were done in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh.
  • But one of his followers had taken out his teeth before the funeral and gave them to King Brahmadutt.
  • For many years, King Brahmadutt worshiped the teeth of Lord Buddha and installed those teeth in his palace.
  • Lord Buddha’s teeth are considered miraculous. So many kings also fought wars to get these teeth.
  • But in the end, gautama buddha’s followers sent him to Sri Lanka to secure his teeth.
  • Then the King of Sri Lanka built a huge grand temple for the teeth of Gautam Buddha and installed it there.
  • Since then, the teeth of Gautam Buddha are worshiped in that temples. This tooth is kept in a small box.
  • The darshan of the teeth is always open for devotees visiting the temple but they are not allowed to take out of the dibiya.
  • No one can even touch those teeth. It is believed that seeing the teeth of Gautam Buddha puts an end to sufferings.
  • Every Wednesday the holy teeth of Lord Buddha are bathed with the water of the fragrant flower ‘Manumura Mangalya’.
  • After this, this holy water is distributed as prasad among the devotees.

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