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Take a look at these must-try street food options from the state of Gujarat.

Gujarat offers a vast variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as pickles, farsans, chutneys, and other consistently nutrient-rich foods. In Gujarati cuisine, tomatoes, sugar, and lemon are used in large quantities. Gujaratis are well known for their unwavering love of food. Check out these delectable Gujarati street food options:

Fafda JalebiĀ 

Fafda-jalebi is a must-have when it comes to Gujarati street food. This amazing sweet-savory snack is regarded as one of the best breakfast choices in the area. They taste finest when paired with your preferred hot beverage and fried green chilies.


Another popular street food in Gujarat is khandvi, which is also a healthy, high-protein snack. Khandvi is a low-calorie snack made with chickpea flour, curd, ginger-green chilli paste, and spices, so you can indulge guilt-free. It symbolises a sheet that has been combined with sesame seeds, mustard seeds, and other materials and is neatly sliced and coiled up. It can be served with mint or coriander chutney.

Mutton Chaap

It is also a well-liked non-vegetarian choice for street food that non-vegetarian cuisine enthusiasts should try. It can be prepared in two different ways: as a side dish for rice, paratha, or roti with loads of gravy, or as a fried dry snack. You can try it with onions, raita, and green chutney.

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Another well-known food that you should taste while in this state is dabeli. The Kutch region of Gujarat is where this dish originates. Mash potatoes with a spice mixture that commonly consists of coriander, turmeric, cardamom, fennel seeds, coriander, chilli peppers, and other spices are used as the filler for dabeli. Ladi pav buns are heated through. On top of this are pomegranate seeds, roasted peanuts, and sev, which are thin, crispy noodles made from ground chickpeas. It’s pretty tasty as well as lovely to look at.


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