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Take a look at these K-drama releasing in April 2023 that you must add to your watchlist.

There will be a considerable amount of new K-dramas releasing in April 2023. The irrepressible K-drama business has always attracted audiences with what they have offered by showing stories of various genres and creative themes. The month of April 2023 has got some of the craziest and sexiest Korean dramas, ranging from romantic comedies to political thrillers, which are guaranteed to become everyone’s new favourites. Following is a list of upcoming K-drama that you should watch in April 2023 and that are worth bingeing:

Bora! Deborah

Bora! Deborah is a romantic comedy-drama that includes Yoo In-na as the female lead who plays the part of a dating coach, prominent writer and social media influencer who is known for her professional relationship advise. But her love life is regrettably a complete disaster. When Lee Soo-hyuk, a charming man who works as a publishing planner, unexpectedly enters her life, he goes through a lot of changes in his life. The drama will tell the story of two totally opposite individuals who rediscover new meanings in love.

Dr. Romantic 3

One of the most widely anticipated Korean dramas of 2023 is this medical romance drama. Dr Romantic returns with its third season. There will be four main characters who all work at the same hospital in the story. Fans will be delighted to see Doldam Hospital again in season 3 with a new story and lots of twists since most of the season 2 actors are returning.

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Kim Hae and Moon Sori feature in the Queenmaker drama, a strong women-led Korean drama with a political theme. The drama depicts the lives of two politically important women who, while having conflicting ideas. Work together to promote a common cause with a twist of personal revenge. We shall observe how two great ladies demonstrate their efforts and achieve their aims.


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