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Sushmita Sen shared a picture with her dad, she informed her fans about the heart attack

Sushmita Sen, who will soon be featured in Aarya 3, has disclosed that she recently experienced a heart attack. She posted a photo of her with her dad on social media on Thursday night. Sushmita Sen shared a note with the image that included information on the attack. She also disclosed to her followers that she underwent an angioplasty. The actress added in her message that she wanted to let her “well wishers and loves ones” know how she was doing.

Sushmita is seen hugging her father in the image.

She is wearing a golden net saree in the image. “Keep your heart cheerful & courageous, and it’ll stand by you when you need it the most Shona,” Sushmita commented below the photo (Wise words by my father). A few days ago, I had a heart attack… I had angioplasty… stent in position Lastly, and maybe most importantly, my cardiologist affirmed that “I do have a huge heart.” There are many persons to appreciate for their prompt assistance & helpful action… I’ll do that in a different thread! This post is merely intended to inform you—my loved ones and well-wishers—of the excellent news. that everything is well and that I’m ready to resume living! I adore you guys so much! #duggadugga #godisgreat

Her worried followers were spotted wishing her a speedy recovery soon after she published the post. a supporter messaged, “Much love and power to you. You are a model; keep shining.” Another admirer wrote: “I cried and had goosebumps… Please look for yourself. People all throughout the world adore and look up to you.” Another admirer wrote: “I’m wishing you luck. You Loving Fighter, just keep your heart content and powerful.”

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Work front

Sushmita will definitely appear in Aarya’s third season. The first two episodes were a big success, and the viewers enjoyed seeing her in the show. Now, they are excitedly anticipating the upcoming launch of the third season.


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