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Sunil Grover Is Back To Win Hearts With `United Kacche,` Teaser Out Now

United Kacche, a lighthearted comedy, is the next ZEE5 original series. Sunil Grover is back with a comedy after his last popular ZEE5 series, Sunflower. In addition to Satish Shah, Sapna Pabbi, Nikhil Vijay, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Nayani Dixit, and Neelu Kohli, United Kacche is an eight-episode series with a British setting and production. On March 31, United Kacche will make its ZEE5 debut.

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United Kacche

In the film United Kacche, produced by Yoodlee Films and directed by Manav Shah, Tejinder “Tango” Gill (played by Sunil Grover) from Punjab pursues his dream of moving to a foreign country where the grass is greener. His late father and grandfather, who also desired to settle abroad for a better life, left him with this dream. Tango departs without making many preparations for the future after managing to arrange for a tourist visa for the United Kingdom.

United Kacche sheds light on the conditions of many of these Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Indian citizens who aren’t legally residing in England and are therefore referred to as Kacche. They relocate abroad as unauthorised immigrants without proper documentation, subsisting off of daily wages while continuously evading the law. The show humorously and entertainingly contrasts their hopes and desires with the realities of living abroad.

Following the success of Sunflower, we are excited to announce United Kachche in partnership with Yoodlee Films, starring Sunil Grover in yet another action-packed performance.. Manav Shah tells the tale masterfully, capturing the subtleties and challenges of an immigrant’s life in a foreign country with a light-hearted comedy.  We are optimistic that viewers will enjoy watching this comedy-drama on ZEE5 after a strong start to the year..

Nimisha Pandey

Chief Content Officer for Hindi Originals at ZEE5, said, “We are delighted to welcome Sunil Grover back to ZEE5 with another entertaining show that takes viewers on a heartwarming journey of laughter and love after the success of Sunflower.. As it follows the aspirations of individuals who leave everything behind in search of a new life outside of India, United Kachche is a tale that appeals to audiences all over the world.  The show will feature exciting, humorous, and dramatic elements woven around relatable characters and their heartfelt stories in an effort to keep viewers entertained and engrossed.”

Siddharth Anand Kumar

The senior vice president of films and events at Saregama India Ltd., stated: “Sitcoms were a part of our lives as we grew up. We have repeatedly watched each season of the sitcoms we love, and that is exactly what we wanted to pass along to this generation. We are happy to have partnered with ZEE5, as we think it is the best platform for a show like United Kacche.

Manav Shah

The director,  stated that everyone in India aspires to move abroad and will do anything to achieve this goal. United Kacche is a light-hearted funny show that takes you in the lives of people who would do anything to settle abroad and how people from different communities and countries unite to support each other. The audience will adore what we produced, and Yoodlee films and Zee5 have been wonderful collaborators on this show.


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