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Suniel Shetty talked about Sanjay Dutt’s entry in Hera Pheri 3

A fitness enthusiast himself, actor Suniel Shetty recently discussed his eagerly anticipated movie, Hera Pheri 3. The recent media attention surrounding the Suniel, Akshay Kumar, and Paresh Rawal blockbuster has increased everyone’s anticipation. The news that Akshay wouldn’t appear in the third Hera Pheri installment earlier infuriated the internet community. But the group recently regrouped and recorded a humorous video. Incidentally, Sanjay Dutt will play a significant role in Hera Pheri 3.

Suniel Shetty recently opened up to Bombay Times and revealed intriguing information on the third Hera Pheri installment. Raju, Shyaam, and Baburao’s amusing companionship was enjoyed by the audience in the first two installments, which were a success. The third installment is now in the works with the creators. The Dhadkan actor expressed his delight that Sanjay had joined the group.

He predicted that the movie would be a “laugh riot” with his Dutt’s introduction.

Sanjay’s fantastic sense of humour, timing, and language will bring “ek aur chaand to this production,” according to Suniel. Said he, “He’ll take it a step further. We have a great friendship, and you will see it on film as well.”

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Suniel included a discussion about Kartik Aaryan’s departure from the movie in the interview. It was previously reported that Kartik would take Akshay’s place in the movie. Suniel then emphasised that Kartik was the most recent addition and would not be taking the place of Akshay. The actor admitted that he had no idea who will portray Kartik’s character in the movie. Suniel added that he had urged Akshay that they should put the upcoming Hera Pheri first.

He went on, “I had always urged Akki that this movie should be our first priority whenever we had spoken in the past. Sure, we should work on this movie, he had also concurred. Regarding the director, I don’t believe there is any issue at all as long as Farhad is dedicated to the screenplay.”


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