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Sumbul Touqeer Quashes Allegations Against Her Father For Stopping MV Shoot With Fahmaan.

Sumbul Touqeer, a well-known actress, has won the audience’s love and earned a place in the hearts of the people with her acting skills. She has a huge fan base who support her fervently and like her genuine assurance and honest demeanour. Sumbul has accomplished a number of significant milestones at a young age and is already one of the top actresses in the entertainment industry. The actress participated in Bigg Boss 16 and was one of the most competitive candidates. The actress recently posted a video on her social media accounts debunking claims that her father prevented her from working on a music video with Fahmaan Khan.

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Sumbul Touqeer quashes the allegations made against her father

There have recently been news stories claiming that Sumbul and Fahmaan will reunite for Tabish Pasha’s song video. This is for the fans of Sumbul and Fahmaan who hoped to see them in the second video and song, and everything was done, the latter uploaded a video saying that the project is not going to happen. Even Fahmaan tried, but it was impossible despite our efforts. Apparently it’s because Sumbul’s dad Touqeer ji does not want Sumbul to be part of the trio video. Hence, it is because of him that we will not be able to accomplish it, and I am really sorry and upset about this. I truly apologise to you folks.

According to recent news

To give a befitting reply to these allegations, Sumbul took to her Instagram handle and shared a video clarifying all this. she said Hi guys, First of all, I don’t like sharing such videos on social media but everyone is giving their own clarification as there is such a big problem that has taken place so I thought I should talk too. I wanted to give you all some clarity that I was going to shoot a song with Fahmaan for which there was a shoot on 19th March. We had taken a well-known singer’s song and had given priority to this song rather than Tabish’s song. That’s the reason there was so much confusion happening in the first place.’

You guys can always question Atif sir who is making this song if you don’t trust them. . In order to keep our friendship, we try. That’s all I had to say, and if you could spare our family from any involvement because they have nothing to do with it, thanks.


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