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Succession season 4 will be the last time the Roy family returns to television screens.

HBO’s popular series “Succession” will end with season 4 after five seasons and five award-winning seasons, according to writer and creator Jesse Armstrong.

There is a promise in the title of “Succession,” Armstrong said in an interview with The New Yorker that was published on Thursday.

I never imagined that this would last forever.

He continued, “The end has kind of always been present in my consciousness.” Since Season 2, I’ve been attempting to answer the question, “Is it the next season, the season after that, or the season after that?”

“Succession” has won 13 Emmys and received critical praise for its satirical portrayal of the ultra-wealthy Roy family vying for control of a media empire as its patriarch ages. It has also spawned innumerable memes.

And Armstrong said that he was “very troubled” over a decision HBO had given him to discontinue the show after four seasons.

The partnerships with the cast, my colleagues writers, (composer) Nick Britell and Mark Mylod, and the other directors, he said, “have just been so amazing. It’s been a difficult decision.”

Armstrong informed the New Yorker that he had not yet decided to cancel the programme after four seasons as the writers’ room met to plan the newest season in late 2021 and even as filming got underway.

“Well, I kind of believe this should be it,’ I sort of replied. What do you think, though? And we practised different scenarios,” he remembered.

“We could run two more seasons or a few shorter ones. Instead, we could carry on indefinitely and change the show into something entirely new. Making it a more rangy, carefree kind of fun show with good weeks and bad weeks. Alternately, we might perform a somewhat more robust and comprehensive action and finish strongly. And it has always been my inclination.

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I told the cast before we began filming, “I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is it,” he continued.

Armstrong ultimately made the decision to put a stop to “Succession,” although he didn’t completely rule out going back to “another section of this world”. Possibly with “associated people, or some of the same characters.”

Perhaps there is another approach that might be taken. One that capitalises on the positive aspects of how we have approached this, he suggested. That is a real feeling, then.

The fourth and final season of the programme premieres on HBO and HBO Max on March 26.


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