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Splendor 150 coming without telling, will compete with KTM in features

Splendor 150: If there is one company that is most famous among Indian customers in the two-wheeler motor company, it is Hero Motor Company. Every mid-range bike of this company is liked by customers. That is why the company keeps updating its popular bikes from time to time. In a recent report, it was given that Hero Motor Company can launch Hero Splendor 150 soon. After this, this matter became a topic of discussion.

In fact, some experts also believe that Hero can launch a new 150 cc bike soon. However, there is no concrete information about whether it will be the Hero Splendor 150. In this news, we are going to give you all the information related to this bike.

Hero Splendor Plus 150 Engine

As the name suggests, this bike can be launched with a BS6 engine in 149.8 cc. Also, an air-cooled system can also be used for engine cooling. At the same time, this bike can come in 6 manual gearboxes. With this, long journeys can also be enjoyed easily.


According to some sources in the company, its features can also be changed a lot. Which can include features like channel AVS system, mobile connectivity, shutter lock, digital speedometer, digital tripmeter, digital tachometer, digital clock, self-start, and fuel injection.

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Hero Splendor Plus 150 Mileage

Because the 149.8 cc engine can be used in Hero Splendor Plus. Therefore, a slight decrease in its mileage can be seen. At the moment, the existing Hero Splendor gives a mileage of 75 kmpl. But it is being speculated that the Hero Splendor Plus 150 can be able to give mileage from 50 kmpl to 60 kmpl.


The Price of Hero Splendor Plus 150 can also be seen a slight increase. According to reports, its initial ex-showroom price can be 80 thousand 659 rupees. In which changes can be made according to the cities.


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