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Spicy mushrooms make for a healthy and scrumptious meal

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for a quick and simple to prepare, healthy meal. This dish of spicy mushrooms is delicious and wholesome. Additionally, you may freeze it for later use and reheat it whenever you like. With his helpful advice in the end, Chef Priyank Singh Chouhan, Director-Culinary & Operations, JSM Corporation, has provided a recipe that is simple to follow.
75 grams of button mushrooms
75 grams of portobello mushrooms
20 ml of white wine or Chinese cooking wine, 75 grams of shimeji mushrooms
10 grams of chopped garlic
50 grams of sliced onion
30 grams of chopped spring onion greens
15 grams of sliced red chillies
15 ml of dark soy sauce
20 grams of chilli bean sauce
20 grams of sambal oelek
Salt as per taste
15 ml of oil, 75 grams of shiitake mushrooms
Step 1: Thoroughly wash and properly dry every mushroom. Cut them into substantial chunks.
Step 2: Heat a pan or wok on a medium burner while adding oil to it. When it begins to smoke, add the mushroom pieces and stir them thoroughly in the oil to thoroughly cover each one. Turn up the heat and toss the mushrooms until they are cooked through and crunchy. Make sure the mushrooms don’t burn.
Step 3: Add the minced garlic, sliced red chilies, and sliced onions. Toss to combine. Reduce the heat after that.
Step 4: Pour white wine or Chinese cooking wine into the mushrooms to deglaze them.
Step 5: Stir-fry the ingredients in the pan over high heat while adding the sambal oelek, dark soy sauce, and chilli bean sauce. As desired, add salt and scallions to the dish.
Step 6: You can serve your food now!

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Any sort of mushroom will do, but it’s best to keep a variety on hand to give the dish more flavour.
If you cook with nutty oil, such sesame seed oil or peanut oil, the flavour of this dish will be improved.

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