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SpaceX Starship Explores: World’s largest rocket explodes during SpaceX Starship test, Elon Musk’s dream project demolished

SpaceX Starship Explores: The world’s largest rocket exploded on Thursday (April 20) during the SpaceX Starship test. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has given this information by tweeting. SpaceX has said that we learn from such tests. This leads to success. Earlier, this test was postponed due to technical reasons.

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Musk tweeted and congratulated the SpacX team and said that from this we have learned a lot about the test a few months later.

According to the company, it exploded a few minutes after taking off. SpaceX said that the team is collecting and reviewing data about the next test. The company had also released a video before the test, in which the test of the Starship is visible.

The launch of the Starship was earlier scheduled for April 17, but it was postponed due to fuel pressure problems in the stage. Elon Musk himself told about this by tweeting. Explain that the length of the world’s largest rocket SpaceX is 120 meters (about 394 feet). Its diameter is 29.5 feet.

The company claims that this rocket is so big that 100 people can sit in it and travel. In this, people can also be taken from one planet to another.



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