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Somewhere holy water is sprinkled, and somewhere lion skin is worn, in these countries such strange customs of coronation.

 Emperor Charles was crowned on Saturday with historical traditions. About 2200 people attended this royal ceremony and witnessed the coronation. Not only this, during the coronation, people also saw the customs of Britain. Let us know that the customs of crowning are quite unique in many other countries of the world.

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Let us now tell you about the rituals of coronation in some of the remaining royal families in the world, through which people celebrate the coronation of their king or empress. These customs range from wearing a crown made of calf skin to a sacred plank that can never be seated.

In Thailand, the king is given invited water.

Just as holy water is sprinkled during the king’s coronation in Britain, a similar procedure is followed in Thailand during the ceremony of the coronation of the royal family. During this time, holy water is poured on the new king to ‘purify’ him and anoint him. For the Maharaja’s consecration. These waters are collected from more than 100 water sources across Thailand, between 11.52 a.m. and 12.38 p.m. local time. Then this water is invoked according to Buddhist traditions.

The Holy Throne of the State of Asante

During the coronation ceremony in the UK, the monarch or empress sits in the coronation chair most of the time. This chair is 700 years old. But do you know that there is a similar tradition in the Asante state of West Africa? An outpost here is the most sacred thing of the Asante culture. It is also known as Sica Dwa Kofi.

The people of Asante believe that the ‘soul’ of the people of the Asante clan resides in this outpost. This outpost is considered so sacred that no one, not even a king, can sit on it. Therefore, at the time of the coronation of Asantehini, instead of sitting on this holy post, he is picked up and bowed on it.

The Zulu king wears the garb of lion’s skin

Of the royal rulers of the eight tribal principalities of South Africa, the Zulu kings are the most powerful and influential. He wears a special dress at the time of his coronation. During the traditional Zulu ceremony, the Maharaja visits a sacred enclosure of animals, so that he can plead for support from his ancestors. At that time, the Maharaja used to wear a cloak made of lion skin, which was hunted by his ancestors.

The king of Lesotho is wearing a crown made of calf leather

In the African country of Lesotho, at the time of coronation, the new king is given a strip made of calf leather and a feather on his head. Apart from this, the king of Lesotho wears the traditional skin of animals during his coronation and he also wears a blue kurta, on which there is a golden embroidery of a crocodile.

The Emperor of Japan lives in the curtain

At the time of the coronation of the Emperor of Japan, purple curtains are raised on a pavilion, so that the emperor standing in front of the throne can be seen. During this time an ancient sword and gems are placed next to the emperor. After the mouth-watering, the Emperor of Japan makes a formal royal announcement. At that time, he wears a royal cloak of yellow and orange color, which the emperor wears only on special occasions


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