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Some sexual wellness tips by our health expert which are essential for young adults

To live a physically and mentally healthy life, young individuals need to be aware of the fundamentals of sexual wellbeing. Here are some advice from our health expert on sexual wellness that is crucial for young adults’ healthy growth. Teenagers need to feel at ease with their bodies as they transition into adulthood. As they grow older and enter puberty, their body goes through several physical, psychological, and mental changes. Their brains are also developing significantly at this time. That’s one of the main reasons why most parents lament their children’s increased sensitivity, stress, mood swings, and behavioural changes.

It is crucial that kids are at ease with their sexuality and have a basic understanding of sexual health for their healthy growth during their teenage years. Their physical and mental health will benefit from being aware of sexual wellbeing.

Regular vaginal cleaning is crucial for females, particularly during menstruation.

Every young adult should be informed of some sexual wellness fundamentals, therefore we chatted with Dr. Smita Satpathy, Senior Consultant – Obstetrics and Gynecology, CARE Hospitals, Bhubaneswar. Take heed of these professional advice if you are a young adult’s parent or legal guardian.

As per our expert, “The importance of maintaining cleanliness in the genital area is referred to as intimate or private part hygiene. Regular vaginal cleaning is crucial for females, particularly during menstruation. By doing so, infections and other health problems are avoided. In the same way that they teach toilet training, parents or guardians should start teaching their kids about personal cleanliness at a young age.”

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Young adults should be aware of sexual behaviours before engaging in them, the expert added. For this, they must be fully informed on all aspects of sex, including the dangers and negative effects of sex as well as the significance of engaging in safe sex.

Also, young adults should be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviour. Understanding the hazards of unprotected sex, including those of STIs and unintended pregnancy, is a necessary part of this. If you believe that your child is uncomfortable discussing sex with you, you should make arrangements for them to meet with a trusted adult or a healthcare professional.

When it comes to sexual wellness, menstruation is important.

Menstrual cycle control refers to maintaining a regular pattern that keeps the female healthy. Normal menstrual cycles have bleeding that lasts two to seven days and last between 21 and 35 days. You should send your child to the doctor right away if they exhibit any anomalies or irregularities, such as missed periods or severe bleeding, as these could be symptoms of an underlying medical condition.


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