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Shalin Bhanot gets injured on the sets : After Shivangi Joshi hospitalization : Bekaboo

Shalin Bhanot suffered a shooting injury in the early days of the actual production. According to the report, the former Bigg Boss contestant suffered cuts on his body as a result of the set’s terrain. source cited by the portal, “Shalin suffered injuries to his body, and it’s commendable that he continued to shoot despite them. Shalin has been busy filming the show’s action scenes and high-end drama while working day and night, hardly getting any rest.

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Popular TV star Shivangi Joshi revealed a few days ago that a kidney infection had forced her into the hospital. As soon as the actress made the official announcement, reports claimed that Shivangi had taken a break from her most recent serial, Bekaboo, in which she is making a fleeting cameo, due to her health. The fantasy drama, which will air for the first time on March 18 on television, has more unfavourable news. The lead actor in Bekaboo, Shalin Bhanot, suffered an injury while working on the sets.

However, it is important to note that, as of right now, neither the production company nor the actor have officially confirmed the rumour.

Shalin Bhanot had previously mentioned the upcoming show in a conversation. The 39-year-old actor had stated, when asked how he felt entering the Bekaboo sets for the first time, “I was nervous the first day when I came to the set, and I’m equally nervous right now. It’s a very distinctive show. It is an entirely distinct and very, very different character. I’m therefore extremely anxious about playing Ranav and being unbreakable. I sincerely hope and pray that my efforts are noticed and appreciated.


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