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Seven Indian dishes make it to the list of world’s best vegan dishes

The traditional cuisine here plays a major role in defining the culture and civilization of our country. All the states in India have different languages, dialects and food. Here you get to taste different varieties in every region. Here the hills living on the mountains have different food, so south Indian are different. Let us tell you that once again India’s food has brightened its name all over the world.

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Seven Indian dishes have made it to the test atlas’ list of best traditional vegan dishes. Yes, you heard it right! This ranking has recently been release by the Food Guide Platform Test Atlas. The name of foreign cuisine is include d in the top 10 of this list, while the famous Misal Pav of Maharashtra has made it to the list at the 11th place.

Which dish got which place?

Usually, misal pav i.e. bread is eaten with spicy curry made with moth, onion, chivda. In Maharashtra, it is known as a very famous street food. Let us tell you that apart from Misal Pav, 6 other Indian dishes have made it to the top 50 list of Test Atlas.

Among these Indian dishes, potato cabbage at 20th place, Rajma at 22nd place, cabbage Manchurian and Rajma rice at 24th place have made it to the 41st place in this list. Apart from this, Masala Vada and Bhelpuri are rank 27th and 37th respectively.

What is Masala Vada and Bhelpuri?

Regarding Masala Vada, the Test Atlas has said that it is a snack of Tamil Nadu, more similar snacks are available in the state. It is prepare by cooking in oil with chana dal, onion, curry leaves, ginger, salt, dry chillies and fennel seeds. It is usually served with tea in India.

Apart from Masala Vada, India’s famous street food Bhelpuri has made it to the 37th position in this list. Bhelpuri is an easily available street food in every street and market of India. Murmur is made by mixing onions, tomatoes, green chillies, apples, potatoes, spicy chutney and tamarind sour.

A few days ago, 7 recipes of cheese made it to the list of test atlases. Similarly, once again 7 Indian vegan food has made it to the ranking list of Test Atlas. We hope you enjoyed this information. Stay connected with Everyday for such interesting news. If you liked this article, please like and share it.


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