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Seeing these museums of Bhuj has a different experience, you should also visit.

Located in the state of Gujarat, Bhuj is located about 400 km from Ahmedabad and state capital Gandhinagar in northwest Gujarat. It is counted as the second largest city of Kutch. This place also matters a lot from the point of view of business. Whenever people go to visit Gujarat, they definitely plan to visit Bhuj.

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There are many historical sites here, which attract visitors. In fact, many architectural places of Naga chiefs, Rajputs, Sultans and the era of the British Raj can be seen in Bhuj. Apart from this, many museums are also located here, which provide you with detailed information about Bhuj and Gujarat.

Therefore, if you do not only want to visit Gujarat, but also want to get detailed information about it, then you must visit these museums too. So today in this article, we are telling you about some museums located in Bhuj-

Prague Palace Museum

This museum was designed by Colonel Henry St. Wilkins in Italian Gothic style. Its construction was completed in 1879. Italian marble and Rajasthani sandstone have been used in this palace. Beautiful carvings can also be seen on the walls along with beautiful paintings and magnificent lattice work on the waterfalls here. The main hall of this palace has many protected animal skins, while the Durbar Hall has chandeliers and classical statues.

This grand Prague palace has the second highest clock tower in the country, from where a spectacular view of the city of Bhuj can be seen. Among the sights of Bhuj is a part of the palace which has been converted into a museum, displaying records and personal items of the royal family.

Kutch Museum, Bhuj

This Kutch museum was built by Maharao Khengarji in 1877. It is the oldest museum in Gujarat and is known for its extinct Kutchi script and collection of ancient coins. Many rare objects are kept in the museum. It has the world’s most incredible collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions and is an example of the now extinct Kutchi script. A section of the museum is dedicated to the unique tribal culture.

Vande Mataram Memorial, Bhuj

Vande Mataram Memorial is a famous museum in Bhuj and a large number of tourists come to visit here. This museum was mainly built to honor and remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers during the revolt of 1857 and the independence movement of 1947.

There are about 17 rooms in this museum. Apart from this, there is also a park and a magnificent statue of Bharat Mata. If you are going to Bhuj with your family, then you must go to Vande Mataram Memorial Museum. Also, it is a great place for people of all ages to visit.

Smritivan Earthquake Memorial Museum

Smritivan is a very spacious place, covering a vast area of about 470 acres. It is located on Bhujiyo Dungar on the outskirts of Bhuj. This memorial has a sun-point that offers a wonderful view of the city, sunrise and sunset from the top of Bhujiyo Dungar.

This memorial also includes the world’s largest Miyawaki forest with more than 3 lakh plants, which is spread throughout the memorial, so when you come here, you get a different feeling. The size of the Smritivan Earthquake Museum is 11,500 square meters, which includes 7 different blocks.

So now whenever you go to visit Bhuj, you must also see these museums. Also, share your experience with us.

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