HomeFoodRead on to learn about two authentic recipes from Nepal.

Read on to learn about two authentic recipes from Nepal.

There are many tasty treats in Nepal cuisine that are frequently overlook. Usually, these delectable dishes do not receive the attention they merit. The cuisine of Nepal is made up of traditional recipes that have been pass down from generation to generation. The original spices and cooking methods used in Nepalese cuisine make it delicious.


Nepalese chatamari is a simple dish to prepare. Although it is healthier, it is pretty similar to pizza and uttapam. Given how simple it is to prepare, this is a fantastic breakfast alternative. How to make chatamari at home is as follows:

How to make chatamari:

To begin preparing chatamari, place one cup of rice flour in a bowl.

To make a thick batter, continue by adding water to the bowl.

Then, heat a skillet, pour the batter onto it, and spread it thinly.

Add thinly sliced pieces of some vegetables, eggs, or meat at the end, as desired.

It is prepared to serve after one minute under cover.

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The traditional sweet dish known as chaku comes from the genuine Newari cuisine of Nepal. It is simple to prepare and will completely satisfy your sweet cravings.

Recipe of Chaku:

A cup of crushed jaggery is added to a pan that has been heated over high heat.

Cook until the jaggery has melted and taken on the consistency of a rich, dark caramel.

Next stir in two tablespoons of ghee and thoroughly fry the jaggery.

Stir with a cup of milk until the mixture is the consistency of a smooth liquid.

To improve the flavour and texture of the Chaku, you can remove it from the container and serve it in a bowl with almonds, dry fruits, and coconut as a garnish.

To make the Chaku more convenient, cut it into little, bite-sized pieces.


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