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Read on to learn about four islands getaways in India

There are numerous beautiful islands in India where you can experience some of nature’s most breathtakingly spectacular activities. Islands make great getaways from the fast-paced bustle of the metropolis. One experiences peace and harmony as a result. We are all aware that India is home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on the planet.

The Neil Island

Halfway between Havelock Island and Rose Island is Ritchie’s Archipelago’s Neil Island, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Due to the romantic atmosphere that surrounds the island, it is one of the most unusual honeymoon destinations in the world. It attracts a considerable number of tourists from both domestic and foreign locations due to its magnificent coral reefs teeming with tropical fish.

The Majuli Island

One of the biggest river islands in the globe and India is Majuli Island. One should not ignore the island’s diverse nature in addition to its unique and rich culture and way of life. On the island, there are twenty-one satras, and they are all worthwhile of a visit. The most distinctive of all the islands is this one in India. The food is traditional northern fare rather than seafood, and the coastline is covered in moss rather than sand.

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Munroe Island

Another gem of Kerala’s enchanting backwaters is the eight-island cluster of Munroe Island, a remarkable network of waterways built by Colonel John Munroe. Visitors can use houseboats to spend the night on one of the stunning islands. The island is about 25 kilometres away from Kollam. Two shifts of the ferry service, one starting at 9 AM and the second at 2 PM, are 500 INR each.

The Divar Island

A isolated island in India called Divar Island is about 10 kilometres upstream from Panjim, Goa. Although there isn’t much to see, the area is serene and uncrowded. The largest settlement on the island is the charming Piedade, which has a lovely atmosphere. The word “Divar” derives from the Konkani words “Dev” and “Vaddi,” which mean “Place of the Gods” and are believed to have important historical significance for Hindus.


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