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Rakhi Sawant Opens Up On Her Divorce With Adil Khan: ‘Hum Azaad Ho Chuke Hain’

Rakhi Sawant has now stated that she will soon get a divorce from her estranged spouse Adil Khan Durrani, contrary to her previous statement that she would not. She said, “Adil can marry anybody he wants to marry, without mentioning him.

Rakhi Sawant reveals she will divorce Adil Khan Durrani soon.

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Are you Meri Khushi Ka Raaz? Divorce me na hone waala hai. The secret to my pleasure is Hum Abhi Azaad Ho Chuke Hain (What is it? I’m divorcing, and I’m suddenly free. When the reporters in Mumbai questioned Rakhi about why she appeared so joyful, she responded, “There are some things in life that one should put behind and move on in life.

The footage was posted by Rakhi on her Instagram. “I want to be free today,” she said, “Hum Azaad ho jaana chahtein hain, ab use jiske saath shaadi karni hai Kar lene do. Let him marry whomever he chooses.

Earlier this year, Rakhi announced her engagement to Adil. A few weeks later, she filed a FIR against him, accusing him of mismanaging cash and hurting her with domestic abuse.

Afterwards, Rakhi could be seen screaming on her phone that she was not divorcing Adil in a viral paparazzi video. She appeared to be speaking to Adil on the phone. She may be heard saying, “Sochna bhi mat main tumhe divorce ya talakh dung (Don’t even think I’ll divorce you)”


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