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PURE EV’S E-PLUTO 7G Pro launched in India: E-scooter will run 150 km in a single charge, priced at Rs 95k

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro: Pure EV is a start-up in the field of electric scooters. Pure EV has recently launched a new electric scooter, which they have named the Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro. This electric scooter has almost all of the best features among all the electric scooters manufactured by the company, Pure EV. The Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro has been manufactured in 3 colors. People can choose from the Matte Black, Grey, and White. Pure EV has opened bookings for the new electric scooter. And, they will be delivered by the end of the month.

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Motor power

This electric scooter is powered by an electric motor rated 1.5 kW. The electric motor has a 2.5 kW MCU and a CAN-based charger. The Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro makes use of the ecoDryft motorcycle platform.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is also expected to be excellent. Because as per the reports, the electric scooter will have a 3.0 kWh AIS 156 certified battery and a smart BMS and Bluetooth connection.


ePluto 7G Pro Electric Scooter to have a range of 100-150 km on a single charge. And, this will come in 3 different modes. It’s schedule for the new electric scooter to have 4 other microcontrollers and various sensors. Thus, the processing speed will be very high, and the efficiency of the electric scooter will be better than its earlier version, Pure EV ePluto 7G. The earlier version, ePluto 7G has a range of 90-120 km on a single charge, which is less than this latest version. The new version may have future OTA firmware upgradation.


Pure EV has launched ePluto 7G Pro electric scooter in Indian Market with a price tag of 94,999/- (ex-showroom).

Booking and Delivery

The company has started booking it, which you can book by visiting the official website of Pure EV. Along with this, the company also informed us that they will start the delivery of ePluto 7 Pro by the end of this month.

Words by the management

Rohit Vadera, the Co-founder and CEO of the company, Pure EV told about the launch of the upcoming vehicle that,. “This upgraded version of our highest-selling 7G model is the result of our relentless pursuit of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. The model is target toward people requiring longer-range scooters. We are delight to have got more than 5000 inquiries during the pre-launch, and are expecting more than 2000 bookings in the first month of the launch.”

Future Plans

The company is already selling electric scooters in large quantities in the market, and its goal is to achieve more than 300 touchpoints by the end of the financial year, 2024.


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