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Pressure cooker desserts: Here are some recipes you can get started with

You can make mouth-watering sweets in a pressure cooker using simple methods. Here are some recipes you can start with. A delicious dessert can help uplift the mood! Many people not only like to eat desserts but also like to make them. Those who enjoy baking will testify that the process and effort bring comfort, but if you don’t have an oven/microwave, you have to be more creative. You can also make mouth-watering cakes and custards in a pressure cooker. To get started, we have listed some basic tips and easy dishes below.

Things to keep in mind while making pressure cooker desserts

If you want your dish to be baked well, preheat the cooker.

It is advisable to place the tin of sweets on a stand inside the cooker.

Always remember to grease the tin before putting it in the cake batter/dessert base.

4 Delicious Sweets That Can Be Made In A Pressure Cooker
1. Vanilla cake without eggs in pressure cooker

Vanilla cake is a classic that you can enjoy again and again and if you are looking for an eggless recipe, this is for you. To make this cake, you just need some ingredients. It can be ready within an hour. Once baked, you can sprinkle it with honey, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, etc. or add frosting or cream over it.

2. Chocolate cake in pressure cooker

It does not seem possible to make such a delicate sweet and moist dessert in the cooker, but it is what we can do. The next time you want a chocolatey treat, it can be made using a cooker.

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3. Choco cupcakes in pressure cooker

You can also make cupcakes without an oven. They have a chocolatey flavor and can be flavored with or without buttercream frosting.

4. Caramel custard in pressure cooker

Bored of cake but still want a classic treat? Then Caramel Custard is for you. There are many readymade premixes available in the market nowadays, but there is nothing better than the nutritional value of homemade custard. This dessert is ready in 30-40 minutes.


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