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Popping sensation BTS will servied military assured!

BTS boys and their military service have been one of the most discussed topics on the globe. Putting a full stop to all the raging debate, the k-pop boy band’s management company has already confirmed that they are going to perform military service for their nation. As we know that the BTS boys are set to join the army, let’s take a look at what exactly South Korean military law says and is going to be the first boy to enlist and when they will come back.

Mandatory military service of BTS boy is a cause of concern for the ARMY and the South Korean government for a year now. Now it’s confirmed that the boys will perform their service.The music company shared a statement which stated “BIGHIT MUSIC is proud to announce today that the members of BTS are currently moving forward with plans to fulfil their military service.

After the phenomenal concert to support Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030, and as each individual embarks on solo endeavours, it’s the perfect time and the members of BTS are honoured to serve.” South Korea’s parliament passed a bill last year that allowed BTS boys to postpone their mandatory military service to age 30. This special amendment to the Military Service Act was done by the parliament was for the BTS boys only .

Men between the age of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the country’s military for at least 20 months, stated the South Korean mandatory military service law. BTS members are no different like all men. One of the BTS member, Jin will celebrate his 30th birthday this December. He is going to be the first one to enrol in the army. Rest of the boys will join the military when asked. Jin’s process will be initiated as soon as his schedule for his solo release is concluded at the end of October. Then afterwards he will follow the enlistment procedure of the Korean government.

Other members of the group have planed to carry out their military service according to their own individual plans. Apart from Jin, among the rest of the boys Suga is also 28 years old, while J-Hope is 27. RM is 27 years old, Jimin are 26 years old whereas jungkook is only 24. The company and the members of BTS, both are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025 following their service commitment.


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