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Pope Francis asks for prayers for his predecessor Pope Benedict

Former Pope Benedict XVI is reportedly in critical condition, and Pope Francis has urged Vatican visitors to pray for him. In 2013, Benedict, 95, became the first pope to resign from his position in 600 years, citing advanced age.
The Pope urged attendees at his final audience of the year to “pray a special prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict” at the conclusion of the meeting.
The Vatican then declared that the ex-condition Pope’s had gotten worse recently.
According to spokesman Matteo Bruni, the issue is currently being closely monitored by doctors and is under control. In the Paul VI hall of the Vatican, Pope Francis was giving a general audience when he looked up from a piece of paper and mentioned Benedict’s failing health.
In order to visit Benedict at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery. Where he has resided ever since he stepped down, he next made the quick trek from the hall to the Vatican Gardens.
Francis disclosed earlier this month that he routinely visited his predecessor. He described Benedict as a “saint” and a person with a high level of spirituality, noting that the former pope was intelligent and had a wonderful sense of humour.

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No pope had resigned since Gregory XII did so in 1415.
Benedict had presided over the funeral Mass for John Paul, his predecessor. He was the seventh German to hold the office of Pope and was well-known for his orthodox, conservative viewpoints. He actively opposed liberation theology’s social action.
But earlier this year, the former Pope acknowledged handling sexual abuse cases improperly while he served as Munich’s archbishop from 1977 to 1982.
He neglected to take action in four cases, according to a German investigation that the Church had hired. While denying culpability, Benedict begged for pardon for any “grievous sin.”
The current archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Reinhard Marx. Said he had seen Benedict in September and urged churchgoers to remember him in their prayers.

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