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Plan Netrani Island near Bangalore, you can get a fun experience in less money.

Netrani is a small island of India located in the Arabian Sea, also known as Hart Shape Island, Bajrangi Island and Pigeon Island. Which is located at a distance of about 19 km from Murudeshwar town in Bhatkal taluka off the coast of Karnataka. This island is especially famous among tourists for scuba diving. Apart from this, you can also enjoy snorkeling. The famous Bajrangbali temple is also located here. Thousands of people come every year to see it. It is said that Hanuman ji landed here and he made a clay idol of Lord Rama.

This place is the best as a weekend destination, because there are not many options to visit here, so people come especially for scuba diving. The water of this island is clean, due to which you can get a beautiful view inside the sea during scuba diving and snorkeling. Two days is enough time to explore this place.

Adventure Activities Package

Which includes everything from scuba diving to snorkeling, boat ride, underwater photography, diving certificate, refreshment, equipment required for diving.

For 10 people, you will have to pay Rs 2999 per person.

– Rs 5 per person is charged for 3499 people.

If you do these activities alone, then you will have to pay Rs 3999 for this.

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The best time to visit

The month from December to January is perfect for visiting Netrani Island. During this time the weather here is very pleasant.

How to reach Netrani Island?

By Flight: If you are planning to come here by flight, Mangalore is the nearest airport here. From where you will easily get a taxi to your destination.

By Rail: Murudeshwar is the nearest railway station to reach here. From where bus and auto-rickshaw facility is available to reach Netrani.

By Road: Murudeshwar can be easily reached by private and government buses from Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kochi.

How to get from Bengaluru?

Murudeshwar can be reached by a drive of about 8 hours from Bengaluru. Netrani Island is located at a distance of about 19 kilometers from Murudeshwar. It’s an hour-long boat ride to get there.


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