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Pete Davidson recently got spotted with his co-star Chase Sui Wonders after Emily Ratajkowski

People, prolific loverboy Pete Davidson is at it again. It’s widely believed that he is dating Chase Sui Wonders, a different co-star. The two have reportedly been seen together a lot in recent weeks. Doing everything from shopping at Whole Foods to entering Davidson’s New York apartment late at night.

After TMZ aired a video of their trip to the grocery store. Davidson’s representative even released a statement to the website to dispel the dating rumours. The statement stated that “Chase and Pete are excellent friends and they have been since they met filming Bodies Bodies Bodies.”

However, a very hot holiday update has been delivered.

Davidson, 29, and Wonders, 26, allegedly spent New Year’s Eve together in Wonders’ hometown of Detroit.

What about Chase Sui Wonders? She did, in fact, star alongside Davidson in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and she also joined the cast of his new series Bupkis in October. Her aunt is a fashion designer, so she is technically a nepotism baby.

In terms of dating, Charles Melton from Riverdale was recently mentioned, and Chase Sui Wonders even made an appearance in a really adorable photo on his Instagram profile just 13 weeks ago:

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Even Deuxmoi is perplexed by everything.

When a Twitter user asked if Wonders and Melton had split up in response to the message regarding NYE, the rumour account replied, “I guess so. Although I sincerely believed no, I am now flipping.

Maybe Pete Davidson is still just a buddy and Wonders and Melton are still together. No matter what, keep your girlfriends locked up because nobody can resist Davidson’s seductions.

However, Emily Ratajkowski is making a big effort when it comes to dating. She and artist Jack Greer were seen kissing passionately a while back. In the middle of breakup rumours with Pete Davidson, she also stated in her podcast that she’s done dating men who can’t handle a strong woman.



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