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PCOS: These 5 things before sleeping at night will give relief.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is considered a lifestyle disease, but its exact causes are not yet known. The number of women suffering from this disease related to ovary is increasing rapidly. Due to PCOS, the balance of hormones in the body of women deteriorates, which makes it difficult to conceive.

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What is PCOS?

When this disease occurs, the level of the male hormone androgen in the body of women starts increasing. When there is PCOS, many cysts begin to form in the ovary. These cysts are filled with small pouch-shaped liquid. These cysts gradually begin to grow and interfere with the ovulation process. This reduces the chances of pregnancy in women.

Women with PCOS have many symptoms such as disturbances in periods, excessive bleeding, unwanted hair growth, acne, weight gain, headache, mood swings, not sleeping properly, etc. Although it is not possible to completely cure PCOS, but the symptoms of PCOS can be controlled to a great extent with the right treatment with lifestyle and diet changes.

Today we are telling you about some things that control PCOS, which you can eat before sleeping at night. Their information has been shared by nutritionist Lavneet Batra. Experts say, “In the problem of PCOS, many types of symptoms start appearing in the body. So, if you have PCOS or are showing symptoms, make healthy changes to your diet to start treatment. Let us know about some healthy foods, which can be eaten before sleeping to control PCOS. ”

Chia Seeds

These seeds are rich in omega fatty acids and fiber, which prevent testosterone levels from increasing and improve the quality of ovarian eggs.


  • For this, soak 1 teaspoon of chia seeds in 1 cup of water. Eat soaked chia seeds every night before going to bed.


Saffron has cooling properties, which relieve anxiety and depression. These symptoms bother women with PCOS a lot. Apart from this, saffron also reduces testosterone levels.


  • Take 5 to 7 threads of saffron and soak it in hot water for 10 minutes. Then consume it.


Ashwagandha reduces the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol levels are associated with stress levels and stress can cause PCOS. Therefore, you can consume Ashwagandha as a natural treatment for PCOS.


  • Eat half a teaspoon of ashwagandha with soaked almonds.


Coconut contains medium chain fatty acids. It increases metabolism and energy levels and helps in controlling insulin levels.


  • Eat 2 pieces of coconut every night before going to bed.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain beta-sitosterol. This prevents the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. Also, reduces the problem of hair loss. Apart from this, pumpkin seeds also contain essential fatty acids (EFAs), which our body needs.


  • Eat 1 teaspoon of roasted pumpkin seeds before going to bed at night.

You can also control PCOS with the help of these things. If you also have any problems related to health, then tell us in the comment box below the article and we will try to solve it through our stories. If you enjoyed this story, please share it. Stay connected with everyday to read other such stories.


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