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Pathaan leaked online a day before release, read full article to know more

The Pathaan film appears to have been illegally released ‘leaked’ online a day before its release, despite a request by the producers to stop piracy. On Wednesday, Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham, will be available in more than a hundred nations. With record-breaking advance sales selling more than 5 lakh seats on the first day, a strong start is anticipated. The movie is already leaked on the websites Filmyzilla and Filmy4wap. The first website refers to its version as a “camrip,” whereas the second calls it a “pre-DVD rip.”

Are you prepared for the biggest action show?

The makers of Pathaan, Yash Raj Films, have asked viewers to see the movie in theatres and have issued a warning against releasing video taken from the big screen. Everyone is kindly asked to refrain from filming recordings, posting them online, and disseminating spoilers. Only watch Pathaan in theatres “An email address for reporting infringement was provided by YRF in a tweet”.

Even before it opens, Pathaan has already had a significant impact on the box office. Its Day 1 ticket sales of almost 5 lakh are only surpassed by those of Baahubali. The Final Verdict.

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What Katrina Kaif says

Meanwhile, Katrina Kaif also took to her Instagram account to urge fans to not give out spoilers ahead of the release of the action-packed film.

She wrote that “My friend Pathaan is on a dangerous mission. It is very important in the interest of national security that you don’t reveal anything about this. You are all part of this classified mission now.”

Shah Rukh Khan switches from love hero to action hero in Pathaan, his first leading role in four years since Zero. SRK plays an agent who is sent from the wilderness to deal with a previously unheard-of terror danger. SRK collaborates with Deepika Padukone’s spy as Pathaan. They fight the terrorist commander Jim, played by John Abraham, together.


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