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Pakistani writer calls Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan ‘a storyless video game’.

The film Pathaan, which stars Shah Rukh Khan, had its OTT debut last week after a successful run in theatres. The Siddharth Anand movie, which also features Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, broke the record for highest-grossing Hindi movie ever with over 1046 crore in worldwide box office receipts. Yasir Hussain, a former actor and current screenwriter from Pakistani, recently shared his opinion of the movie online, calling it a “storyless video game.”

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Yasir wrote on his Instagram Story on Friday,

“If you have seen the first Mission Impossible, then you will feel that Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is like a storyless video game, nothing more.”

On March 22, Pathaan made its digital debut on Prime Video. Five additional scenes that were not include in the theatrical version are also include in the OTT version. On January 25, the action movie was made available in theatres. Pathaan, played by Shah Rukh, is a RAW agent who works to stop former agent Jim (John) from launching a deadly attack on India and the rest of the world. In Deepika’s role as Rubai, an ISI agent assists Pathaan in stopping Jim.

Yasir is best know for being the Hum TV host of The After Moon Show. The Pakistani movie Karachi Se Lahore served as the actor’s feature film debut (2015). He wrote the screenplay for Wajahat Rauf’s movie. Yasir, who is marry to television actor Iqra Aziz, currently plays an antagonist in the drama series Baandi.

According to the Shah Rukh movie review , “Pathaan is a classic masala commercial entertainer that makes no attempt to make a political or social statement about the nation as a whole. It’s fantastic, carefree, and fun all at once. If you went to see it for Shah Rukh Khan, all you would have returned with was a smile and perhaps some light grooving. You won’t often see two superstars joking around about their fame, so make sure to watch the scene right before the end credits.”


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