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OTT Release Female Lead Web Series: From ‘Bombay Begums’ to ‘Mrs. Undercover’, watch this web series on OTT

Most of the upcoming OTT web series will have themes based on the empowerment of Indian women and also women as producers-directors, writers, it was announced two years ago at a seminar of the OTT owners’ association. Last year, the implementation of this also started, but this initiative seems to have gained momentum now. More than fifty percent of the web series are see as heroine-orient, which is a happy message towards change.

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Bombay Begums’: The whole truth of half the world

Alankrita Shrivastava brought to Netflix in 2021 by weaving all the forms and circumstances of the diverse class of Indian women in a changing era. Alankrita, who was the principal assistant director in filmmaker Prakash Jha’s production. He had written and directed “Lipstick: Under My Burkha” with an adventurous content about a new-age Indian woman under Jha Sahab’s banner. In the story written by her. Five female characters belonging to a particular company have left free to openly express their mind. These women characters, from different walks of life and status in the heart of the Bombay metropolis. Are not at all conventional and do not consider themselves confined to the limited definition of relationships. The first part of Bombay Begums has been carrie forward in the second part with interesting stories of these five characters.

Mrs Undercover’: The dual role of a housewife and an agent

The heroine forgets to take training in espionage and adapts herself to her home. After a long gap, he suddenly faces the challenge of finding a killer as an undercover agent once again. Despite not saying no, she accepts it and exposes the killer while working in an NGO.

‘Jubilee’: The sting of partition

Amazon’s latest and popular web series ‘Jubilee’ focuses on the story of a film studio that takes seriously the scourge of India-Pakistan partition. According to the story, the partition of the country in front of the owner of Rai Talkies in Bombay. It proved to be a question mark on the very existence of its flourishing film business. Important people associated with Rai Talkies, who left the country and settled in Pakistan. He had to face all kinds of problems there too. The tug-of-war between Rai Talkies’ financiers and actors has  presented by the director in a very honest and grand manner in Jubilee.



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