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Ossiano, a signature restaurant at the iconic Atlantis

Ossiano, a renowned restaurant in the illustrious Atlantis, the Palm Dubai, is bringing its breathtaking menu to Mumbai. Ossiano offers to take customers on a transforming voyage of feelings, fragrances, and tastes with their 11-wave tasting menu. Which is inspired by the waves and seas. The menu is overseen by renowned Chef Gregoire Berger. And it is inspired by his enduring love of seasonality, terroir, and sea foraging.

The menu has meals that are one-of-a-kind

Ossiano will feature some of the best produce from across the world in a special partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. Giving guests the chance to sample these remarkable delicacies at their finest right in the middle of the city. The menu has meals that are one-of-a-kind. Such as “Seeing through the prism of the past,” which includes Roscoff onion, Buckwheat koji, and Apple Cider Marshmallow, and “Life Starts at The End of Your Comfort Zone,” which includes Sweet Shrimp / Yuzu & Dry Miso.

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Chef Berger says of the new partnership, “We are thrilled to introduce the uniqueness of Ossiano to Mumbai, which also has a special connection to the sea. The opportunity to work with the Four Seasons hotel to take visitors on a memorable gastronomic experience is an honour.

Berger has distinguished himself in the competitive Dubai dining scene

Berger, who is just in his twenties, has established himself as a major force in the culinary world with his cutting-edge. Unorthodox recipes that are infused with classic French technique. He has distinguished himself in the competitive Dubai dining scene. With his innovative approach to combining ingredients and application of beauty and art to food. Berger is the youngest and only chef in the nation to be listed in the top 100. He is in the Best Chef Awards for five consecutive years.


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