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Olympic Legend Michael Phelps and MLB Icon Derek Jeter spoke about the trolls

America loves sports, including the four Major leagues that run across the year to the Olympics. Being a sportsperson hasn’t always been easy in the country where sports brings everybody together. 5-time MLB World Champion Derek Jeter and 28-time Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps both agrees to that. Undoubtedly, Jeter and Phelps are amongst the great legends of their respective sports. http://Boycott Adidas: This is what the company says on Ye’s antisemitism

Both of them holds an extremely long list of accolades, but they barely mentions their achievements and they don’t do enough justice to the legacy they’ve left behind.Inspite of getting so much popularity to their achievements, they also faced equal amounts of hate. In a campaign called “Stand Up” from 2017, both the legends talked about the amount of hate they’ve faced across the course of their career.

In a campaign shot by The Players’ Tribune, multiple sports stars including Derek Jeter, Von Miller, Danica Patrick, Michael Phelps, and Karl-Anthony Towns, spoke up against the growing hate and bigotry towards athletes.While responding to the kind of hate he faced,Derek Jeter said, “Everyone is anonymous. There is no connection there. People that don’t know you, never knew you, and probably will never know you… that are saying hateful things.” In addition, he stated, “We know what it’s like to be bullied or trolled.

”In the same video, swimming GOAT Phelps also talked about how he responded to trolls. “I know if somebody is going to say something mean or negative, I just don’t even give them the end of day.”,he said. Then after, Phelps moved on to talk about the time he reached out for help and the extent of benefits he was comforted with. In Accordance to his belief, everyone needs to reach out for help as it’s not easy to live life alone. “A couple years ago, my life changes significantly because I reached for help. It is okay to reach for help. I think a lot of people don’t think it is. But it’s hard to go through life alone and do things by yourself.”,he said.

Dogmatism and fanaticism have never had and never should have any place in sports. It taints the sport and affects the energy and spirit that binds people together as a whole. The sportsmanship of any sportsperson should be applauded inrespective of the way he/she performed as they poure all their soul to the work they do for the belief of people they stand for.


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