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Nepal’s government banned solo adventurers from climbing Mount Everest

Five years after outlawing solo climbers on Mount Everest. Nepal’s government has now made the prohibition applicable throughout the entire nation.

Eight of the world’s tallest mountains are found in Nepal,

But the country is also well-known for its stunning rural trekking areas. For forward, tourists who want to walk in distant areas must either work with a government-approved guide or travel in a group. The cost of search and rescue operations for lone hikers who get lost is substantial. Despite the fact that trekking is one of the nation’s largest revenue generators.

Mani R. Lamichhane, director of the Nepal Tourist Board, tell while travelling alone. There is no one to aid you in an emergency. “The infrastructure is inadequate in the isolated mountains, but it is excellent if they are going in the towns.”

“Even the authorities cannot follow visitors when they go missing or are found dead since they have travelled remote roads,” continues Lamicchane.

In addition to the difficulties brought on when hikers disappear in rural regions, Lamichhane claims that unauthorised tour operators are also a problem. The tourism director claims that these businesses that do not register with the government steal jobs from Nepalis and do not pay taxes.

“In a few instances, the trekking organisation has asked us to put an end to these illegal trekking operations. For a very long period, tourism organisations have been requesting this,” he claims.

The new law is being met with mixed reactions from the climbing and trekking community.

The decision makes sense, according to Ian Taylor, proprietor of a reputable guide service with a long history in Nepal. As more and more people try challenging climbs Mount Everest. Only seasoned hikers and climbers could be found in the area in the past; many of them were entirely self-sufficient and travelled without assistance.

“Yet, the number of travellers in the area has significantly increased, and more tourists than hikers are among them. They require the support of seasoned guides because they are unable to survive on their own in the wilderness. Taylor says that the decision to enforce a broad prohibition was made. Because the Nepali government lacks the resources to examine each individual visa applicant separately.

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It is quite upsetting that it has come to this as someone who loves the mountains and travelling to mountainous areas of the world, Taylor continues.

“We never want to see restrictions on people’s access to the mountains. But, because of how unique the situation is in Nepal, adjustments are necessary.


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