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National Safety Day is observed on March 4 annually with an aim to promote safe working environment .

Every year on March 4, National Safety Day is marked with the goal of promoting safe workplaces and ensuring people’s safety in all contexts. The goal of National Safety Day 2023 is to increase public knowledge of safety precautions and protocols in order to prevent any type of unfavourable incidence. The campaign is extensive, all-encompassing, and adaptable, and it makes a plea to the participating organisations to create particular activities in accordance with their safety standards.


Our Goal – Zero Harm is the theme for National Safety Day in 2023. The National Safety Council of India (NSC) announces the National Safety Day theme each year and calls on organisations to spearhead the safety campaign to inform the public about industrial safety.


The event provides a chance to emphasise the value of safety measures and procedures in preventing accidents. It aims to broaden the movement for safety, health, and the environment (SHE). Bringing together stakeholders from various industry sectors and enticing them to join the SHE movement are some of the day’s other goals.


To expand the Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) movement across the nation.
To gain participation of significant firms at various levels in various industrial sectors.
Encourage the creation of need-based initiatives, self-compliance with legal standards, and expert SHE management systems at work. Emphasise that everyone has a role to play in keeping the workplace safer, including employers, workers, and others.

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The inaugural Conference on Industrial Safety was hosted by India’s Ministry of Labor and Employment in 1965. In collaboration with employers’ organisations, state governments, other trade unions, and institutions. It took place from December 11 to December 13. The many organisations attending the meeting came to the realisation that National and State Safety Councils were necessary.



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