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Naseeruddin Shah says he doesn’t value washroom handles

Bollywood’s senior actor Naseeruddin Shah has been entertaining the audience for decades. These days, the actor is in the discussion about his web series ‘Taj: Rain of Revenge’. Naseeruddin Shah has now told how he uses the awards he receives as a washroom door handle.
The award was made a washroom handle.
Naseeruddin Shah, in his latest interview, was asked if it is true to say that the awards you receive are used as the handles of the doors of your farmhouse. Naseeruddin laughed at this. He said that yes it is true.
Naseeruddin Shah says, “I do not see any value in these trophies. When I got awards in my initial days, I was happy. But then trophies started accumulating around me. Sooner or later, I realised that these were the result of lobbying. No one is getting these awards because of their merit, so I started leaving them behind.”
“After that, when I got the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan, I was reminded of my late father, who was always worried about my job. So when I went to Rashtrapati Bhavan to receive the award, I looked up and asked my father if he was watching all this. He was watching, and I’m sure he was happy. I was happy to receive those awards. But I can’t afford these competitive awards.”
Why don’t you like the awards?
During the interview, Naseeruddin Shah also questioned the concept of giving awards. “Any actor who has put his life and effort into playing a role is a good actor. If you choose a person and say that he is the best actor of the year, then how is it right? I am not proud of those awards. I didn’t even go to receive the last two awards I received. So when I built a farmhouse, I decided to keep these awards there. Whoever goes to the washroom will get two awards because the handles are made of Filmfare Awards.
This is what he said on Kerala Story Earlier, Naseeruddin Shah had talked about the film ‘The Kerala Story’. In an interview, he compared the film to Nazi Germany and declared it a ‘dangerous trend’. He said that in Hitler’s time, the government or leaders used to make films from filmmakers, in which they were praised and shown what the government had done for the people of the country. There was a lot of controversy over his statement.

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