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Naomi Biden to take vows secretly with Peter Neal in the White House

Washington readies are all set for Wedding bells to ring in the White House as one of its high profile marriage ceremonies are going to happen. On Saturday, The eldest granddaughter of President Biden and Jill Biden, Naomi Biden, is poised to take the plunge with fiance Peter Neal .

The wedding — the first ever held on the South Lawn — marks a rare occasion at the White House. White House Historical Association historian Lina Mann told ITK that “They’re not the most common event,” . “I mean, only 18 in our 200 plus years of history.”

Every thing about Naomi Biden’s marriage is private, just like the history

Nearly every other “I do” detail of Naomi Biden’s big day has been shrouded in secrecy including the date and South Lawn location.White House has handled couples tying the knot historically.

Most of the weddings, majorly in the 19th century, those are much more private, smaller family affairs. “It’s not really until the latter half of the 19th century and in the 20th century that you see a lot of buzz and national attention being brought to these White House weddings”, he added.

President Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter Alice Roosevelt exchanged vows with a congressman named Nicholas Longworth.According to Mann , “The match made in political heaven was already “pretty high-profile” .“Teddy Roosevelt is a larger-than-life historical figure. So of course, people are very interested in him and his family — and her particular wedding”.She was a celebrity in her own right, and so it was very highly covered. While everybody wanted all the details for that one.

Naomi Biden briefly gushed on social media about her wedding

The daughter of Hunter Biden and his ex-wife, Kathleen, Naomi Biden briefly gushed on social media about her wedding. She tweeted that she “couldn’t be more excited” to get married on the South Lawn, there has been minimal buzz about the event. And that made sense to Mann, who noted that Biden’s grandchildren “aren’t as much in the public attention as … say, the Johnson family.”

When and how is the wedding taking place?

The wedding is set to take place a day before President Biden’s 80th birthday. There will be no media access at the Saturday wedding. Photos and a statement from the president would be released following the ceremony. The wedding party will head to a luncheon and then guests will join an evening reception, after the late morning vowsThe wedding of Naomi Biden and Peter is a private one. It’s a family event and Naomi Biden and Peter have asked that their wedding to be stay away from the media, and they are respecting their wishes.


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