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Nani: Keerthy Suresh’s character Vennela is the heart of ‘Dasara’

Dasara, starring Nani, is scheduled to premiere tomorrow. Keerthy Suresh and Dheekshith Shetty play the key parts in the Srikanth Odela-directed movie. Let’s look at the reasons this movie deserves to be seen before it is released.

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Fans and cinema enthusiasts are eager to see the avatar Nani assumes in Dasara because it is something new for him. The public has been drawn to Nani’s rough, unpolished appearance since Dasara first began. He is always referred to as the neighbour boy. Nani has played roles like these from the beginning of his career, but this time he decided to play one that is the opposite of what he has done in the past. Fans of Nani will have a blast tomorrow thanks to Srikanth Odela.

Telangana’s rituals, customs, language, and art were never highlighted. Filmmakers have only recently begun to pay attention to this side of the story and are bringing many undiscovered stories to the screen. Also, directors from this area are in high demand. Telangana native Srikanth Odela has concentrated on the experiences of those who work in the state’s coal mines. Dasara will therefore once more showcase Telangana’s gorgeous side.

Keerthy Suresh’s outstanding performance

In Mahanti, actress Keerthy Suresh gave a standout performance. No other performance of hers has come close to Mahanati to date. Keerthy remarked, “I’m not emotionally invested in every character. The next most beloved character in my heart, after Mahanti, is Vennela. I have no doubt that Vennela will win people over.” Her acting in Dasara received appreciation from both Nani and Srikanth.

Telugu debut of two amazing actors

Dasara marks the acting debuts of Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko and Kannada actor Dheekshith Shetty. Shine is portraying the adversary, and Dheekshith will be portrayed as Nani’s best friend for life. In Telugu cinema, these two actors still have a long way to go.

Nani’s first pan-India film

Dasara is one of the 29 films that Nani has worked on so far. He is breaking into the entire Indian market with Dasara. The actor is becoming well-known among audiences in the north as well, despite his already-established popularity in the south. “I want everyone to hear about Dasara. Not out of a desire for fame or a pan-Indian obsession, but rather as the face of Dasara, I am pushing it. The narrative here is the hero “during advertising, Nani said.


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