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Myths vs Fact: Can’t have a normal delivery after a C-section? Learn some common myths and facts related to it.

 C-Section Myths vs Fact: These days the trend of C-section delivery is increasing rapidly. Unlike the old times, women are giving birth to more children through cesarean delivery in the current era. Due to some medical conditions, when women are not able to have a normal delivery, they have to opt for caesarean section. Even though C-section delivery has become quite common at present, there are still many myths in the minds of people about it. If you are also among those people who believe in some myths related to C-section, then let’s know about some common myths related to C-section and their truth-

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Myth 1: A normal delivery never happens again after C-section.

Fact: Many people believe that once you have a C-section, it is very difficult to have a normal delivery. But this is not entirely correct. Normal delivery can also take place after cesarean. However, some factors matter a lot for this, such as how many stitches were given during the C-section. How many times has a C-section been done? Is there any medical condition or not?

Myth 2: C-section doesn’t hurt at all.

Fact: It is generally believed that a C-section is less painful than a normal delivery. But this is also not entirely true. Even though there is less pain in a C-section than in a normal delivery, it is not that it does not hurt at all. Even though the pain is less during a C-section, women continue to feel pain for 2 to 6 weeks after the operation. Also, special care has to be taken of the operation wound during this time.

Myth 3: Is postpartum bleeding lower after a C-section?

Fact: Many people believe that vaginal bleeding decreases after a C-section. But that is not the case at all. Whether you have a C-section or a normal delivery, it does not affect the bleeding that occurs after the birth of the child.

Myth 4: Are there difficulties in breastfeeding after a C-section?

Fact: People often feel that women find it difficult to breastfeed after a C-section delivery. But this is completely wrong. It has no effect on normal or caesarean breastfeeding. After a C-section, women can breastfeed in the same way as they do in normal delivery. But if there is any problem in breastfeeding, then there may be some other reason behind it, for which the doctor should be contacted.

Myth 5: It’s hard to lose weight after a C-section.

Fact: Many women believe that after a C-section, they will become obese, which is very difficult to reduce. But this is not true at all. Even though there may be trouble in weight loss after cesarean delivery, it is not impossible. Actually, it takes a while for the body to recover after a C-section. In such a situation, with the advice of the doctor, you can do physical activities for weight loss.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or problem


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