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Mutiny House: Delhi’s scariest place and Ancient Fort.

Mutiny House Haunted Story: Delhi i.e. the capital of the country is famous for many things. Along with being a famous and ancient fort, there is also a beautiful place from one. Such as Red Fort, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, etc. are included in many famous places.

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There are also many places in the capital that are also famous for horror stories for some reason or the other. Such as Agrasen’s Baoli or Bhuli Bhatiyari’s palace. Similarly, Mutiny House located in Delhi is also considered to be the scariest place.

History of Mutiny House

Before knowing about the horror stories of Mutiny Housee / Memorial, let’s know when and why this house was built. It is said about this house that it was constructed in the year 1863. This house is also associated with India’s first freedom struggle.

Construction of Mutiny House in memory of soldiers

Many buildings in Delhi are still witness to the revolt of 1857. The trace of the country’s independence can still be seen in these buildings. In such a situation, it is said that the Mutiny House was built in the year 1857 in memory of the British who were killed during the first war of independence. This house is also known by many as Ajitgarh.

Horror Stories of The Mutiny House

By now you must have known why the Mutinny House was built. Now let’s also know about the horror stories of this place. It is said about this house that the bodies of British soldiers as well as Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the revolt of 1857 are buried here.

Many people believe that even today the soul of British soldiers wanders here. Many people also believe that the sound of laughing, screaming and crying continues from this house at midnight.  times a shocking incident has also been seen here at night.

Due to the dense forest and solitude around The  House, it is also called the scariest place in Delhi. Therefore, no one dares to wander around this house as soon as the sun sets.

Where is Mutiny House in Delhi?

It is also very important to know where Mutny House, one of the scariest places in Delhi, is located. For your information, let you know that this mysterious house is present near Kamala Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines.



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