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Met Gala Food Menu: Garlic-onion will not be available in the food, this is decided in the menu.

We all know that the Met Gala is one of the biggest costume events in the world. This event is held every year, in which many celebs from all over the world participate. Also, many celebs from India also join. From Priyanka Chopra to Isha Ambani, everyone has recorded their presence in this event. However, to participate in the event, a fee has to be paid and tickets have to be taken to book the table.

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Officially, it is a Met Gala event, but it is given many names like Party of the Year, The Oscars of East Coast, ATM of the Met. It would not be wrong if it is considered an annual costume blockbuster show. The Met Gala started as a dinner party in 1948. At that time the party was not even hosted in the museum. We all know that this event, which started as a dinner party, is also known for the food menu.

A variety of foods are served in this event, but its menu keeps changing every year. So let’s know in this article how to prepare a food menu at the Met Gala.

How is the food menu of Met Gala?

You will be surprised to know that Met Gala is a rule, in which garlic-onion dishes are made and served. The simple reason behind this is that after eating food, there is no smell from the mouth and Bruschetta is not even served. However, cocktails and formal dinners are organized for the guests.

Hamachi crudo

Hamachi is a predominantly Japanese dish. If you are fond of eating fish or eat tuna fish, then you will definitely like hamachi crudo. Hamachi Krudo is a delicious appetizer, which combines silky yellow sashimi prepared in umami and tangy crudodo sauce. Every year this dish is served on the table of the Met Gala.


This food was part of the Met Gala menu in the year 2022. Explain that this is an antipasto from Italy in which grilled bread is rubbed with garlic. Then topped with olive oil and salt. Chopping includes tomatoes, vegetables, beans, meat, or cheese. 

Classic Divald Eggs

This dish is included in the food menu of Met Gala every year, which is made in many ways. But usually eggs are given a delicious look with a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard. This recipe is a delicious starter for parties, with boiled egg yolks flavored with creamy mayo and mustard sauce. This makes a great party appetizer with a salad and a glass of wine.

Apart from food, the cost of costumes, makeup costs and much more is included. If you have any questions about the Met Gala, then ask it in the comment box.

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