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Mega Empirechanged KFC owner 70 times in 4 years: Same ‘smiling face’ still known to CEO, not even CEO knows its recipe

Stephen King once said, “A product can be produced in a factory, but it is the brands that make it its customers.” Other companies can copy your product but not the brand. KFC is one such brand. Which is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. The story of its fried and non-fried chicken product and founder is taught as a case study in many business schools. Many owners have changed since the inception of KFC. But its taste remains the choice of customers even today. Currently, KFC is in the news due to its replacement brand Rostics opening in Russia. Significantly, KFC has been out of Russia due to the Ukraine war.

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The story of KFC’s success today at Mega Empire…

Colonel Sanders

you must have seen a laughing old face from KFC’s bucket to its stores. He’s a smiling face — Colonel Sanders. Which has been the identity of this brand for years. Born in 1890 in the US state of Indiana, Sanders spent his childhood in deprivation. Sanders learned to cook at the age of 7. After the death of his father, he took care of the house and did different types of work. Then at the age of 40 he bought a gas station in the province of Kentucky. They started selling chicken by placing chairs and tables here.

People liked the taste and converted it into a restaurant. In 1939, Sanders finally understood the right way to fry chicken. He prepared a mixture of 11 herbs and spices and then the secret recipe for frying chicken was prepared. One of his friends, Peter Herman, named this chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken and since then the company has been named- KFC.

Since the inception of Pizza Hut and KFC’s parent company, KFC has gone into the hands of many people and its valuation has increased every time.

The first founder, Colonel Sanders, sold it in 1964 for $ 2 million to two people – John Brown and Jackie Messi. However, he contracted that Sanders would be paid a lifetime salary, as well as the quality control of KFC and the trademark would remain in his name. By 1970, KFC had 48,1971 outlets in 1980 countries. In 1982 Brown sold the company to a food and drink company- Hublin. Sanders died in 1986. In 850, Hublin was bought by a tobacco company named RJ Reynolds. Then in 1997, Reynolds sold it to PepsiCo for $<> million. In <>, PepsiCo formed a company called Yum to get into the restaurant business and became KFC’s parent company Yum Brands. Which is currently the parent company of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

KFC’s recipe still remains a secret…

KFC has been serving its world famous fried chicken since 1930. Colonel Sanders prepared its recipe by mixing 11 spices and herbs. He wrote this recipe on a page with his hand and then made a photocopy of it. This recipe is still a secret and is locked in KFC’s headquarters. It’s so safe that even its CEO can’t know it. Even KFC’s nutritional guide does not find anything about this recipe

Sanders used to sell chicken in the street to increase the business initially with
KFC’s earning franchise model. And beg people to take up the franchise. According to different reports, he had to hear ‘No’ 1009 times. After this, he got his first ‘Yes’ in 1952 and he gave his first franchise. Today KFC is another company ‘Yum! Part of ‘Brands’. Opening a restaurant involves huge investment and expense so KFC works on the popular model of franchise. That is, through a license, it allows to sell its logo, name, way of working and product. In return, it takes money from the franchise. KFC owns only 70 restaurant buildings. It has 55,000 stores worldwide. Of this, 85 per cent are outside the US and 99 per cent work on the franchise model. In India, KFC and Pizza Hut are owned by Devyani International Limited. KFC’s first restaurant opened here in 1995. Devyani Group is KFC’s largest franchise partner in India.

Interesting: KFC Day on Christmas in Japan.

As Christmas arrives in Japan, there is a line outside KFC. December is the busiest day of 24 and 25 years for KFC in Japan. Here people buy KFC buckets on Christmas Day. For this, booking is done several weeks in advance every year. There is tremendous marketing behind this success. In the 1970s, KFC came to Japan and started its Christmas campaign in 1974. In this, a bucket of KFC’s famous fried chicken and a bottle of wine were sold. Its tagline was – Kentucky for Christmas (KFC). The campaign proved to be a hit and became a tradition throughout Japan that continues to this day.

KFC’s innovative restaurant in Pune

In November 2022, KFC India General Manager Moksha Chopra announced the launch of KFC Smart Restaurants in major cities of the country. KFC Smart Restaurant has kiosks instead of traditional counters for ordering. There are many payment options. Such as Paytm and QR code. Apart from this, KFC’s restaurant in Perambur, Chennai has been made like a railway coach. At the same time, an English L-shaped digital wall has been built in the restaurant of a mall in Gurugram. Bengaluru’s Brigade Road store is also special. These specially designed restaurants in red, black and white colors provide experiences related to its founder Chef Colonel Sanders.


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