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Mata Ka Mandir: A miraculous temple where stuttering is cured by going.

Mata Rani Ka Mandir: There are many divine temples mentioned in Hinduism which are not only mysterious but the beliefs or stories associated with them are very surprising. One such temple is that of Goddess Maa where the visitor witnesses a wonderful miracle.

According to beliefs and mythology, the person who visits this temple not only gets rid of skin diseases, but if he has a disease of stuttering, then he also goes away forever. Let us know about this temple from astrology expert Dr. Radhakant Vats.

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The temple of Goddess Maa is present on the cold road of Nainital located in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. This temple is known as Stone Goddess. It is believed that the water of this temple (why touch the stairs of the temple) is invited and any kind of skin diseases are removed by splashing on the body of this water.

Even anyone who consumes this invited water gets freedom forever from any problem related to speech, especially stuttering. Due to this invited water present in the temple, the importance of the temple is considered very high.

Mata Rani Ka Mandir:

Mother Bhagwati sits in this temple built on a hill on the banks of Naini Lake. The natural idol of the mother is installed in this temple and it is believed that the mother resides here. One of the features of this temple is that here all the 9 forms of Maa Bhagwati are seen together.

In fact, the nine bodies that appear naturally here are bathed with water and then the same water is invoked. The importance of this water is so much that devotees come to the temple to get water from far and wide and do not go from the temple without taking water.

Every person who comes to this temple believes that this invited water found here is very beneficial in getting rid of skin diseases, speech diseases, joint pain, swelling in hands and feet, stuttering etc. People consider this water as nectar.

One of the beliefs of this temple is that people who come here also get rid of their internal disorders. By worshiping Maa Bhagwati i.e. Maa Durga (recitation of Durga Chalisa) in this temple, the person and his family get the boon of being healthy. The special thing is that this water of the mother is taken out once every 10 days. The day, day and date are narrated to extract this water, after which people start gathering.

So this was the temple located in Nainital where the disease of stuttering goes away forever. If you have any questions related to our stories, then tell us in the comment box below the article. We will try to provide you with the right information. If you liked this story, please share it. Stay connected to Harjidagi to read other such stories.


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