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Mastodon replacing Twitter or it’s more than that?

As soon as Elon Musk bought Twitter he gutted its staff, and began an overhaul of its financial model. Mastodon is extinct even though it’s named after a prehistoric mammoth-like creature. This micro-blogging platform has grown by at least 1 million users since Oct. 27, only when Musk’s Twitter acquisition was completed.

Most appealing thing to users is that Mastodon, has not implemented any monetization strategies into its software even though it has been around since 2016. No ads, no algorithm built to keep users hooked, and no paid accounts were there for the Mastodon . Due of this, the company’s financial model is very different from most social media giants.

What is Mastodon gGmbH and what does it do?

Mastodon gGmbH which is the small German nonprofit that develops Mastodon’s codebase and maintains mastodon.social, is the first Mastodon server and is crowdfunded. Its site lists donated money from organizations, and also has a Patreon. The company says that it is independent. The bottom of a list of sponsors reads, “Sponsorship does not equal influence” . also read:- Taylor Swift blamed Ticketmaster that it didn’t allow fans to access tour tickets

It may sort of looks like Twitter, but Mastodon is decentralized, which means while using open source software, anyone can start their own server. Using this, users can interact with other instances in an interconnected community called the Fediverse.

Mastodon is lot more different by Twitter

Honestly, Mastodon is entirely open source. Anyone can download all of the code and add to it. The decentralized model means each instance is a bit different. Server hosts set their own content moderation standards and decide which other servers to “federate”. This means, one server can block another server that doesn’t have content moderation rules they agree with.

But many people are eager to recreate their experience on Twitter in case the site goes under or is further overrun by hate speech and fake accounts. Daniel Appelquist said, for users in a community that faced harassment on Twitter, Mastodon’s decentralized model could be appealing for building a safe online community.

Is Mastodon progressive? What’s different in the app?

Most Mastodon instances are progressive in terms of their content rules. But, they don’t have the same resources other social media companies have like full-time moderators or in-house legal teams that are obeying hate speech laws. Instead, moderation is distributed across the instances, often done by the host or a few volunteers.

Moderation is tricky, but so is the actual upkeep of servers. Most instances here are free-of-charge to users, and run by an individual or small group. As instances grow, whether that’s a huge influx of users or one user with a massive following, it generates a significant amount of activity which costs more and more to upkeep the server.


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