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Livpure started providing water purifiers on subscription in 2018

Livpure is India’s fastest growing water purifier brand. It provides service to more than 1 million users. Livpure started providing water purifiers on subscription in 2018, which was a unique service of its kind. In more than 40 cities, people are taking advantage of 0 machine cost, 0 maintenance and 0 relocation cost. Livpure Smart RO gives users the opportunity to choose the plan according to their needs.
Livpure has always put its customers first. With this offering, the company is making people’s lives easier. Livpure’s plans start at Rs 375 per month. It includes many plans for different types of family.
With this offer of Livpure, this service is being made available to the people without any investment. In this service, users have to pay the same amount of water they use. In addition, a 7-day free trial is being given. Also, this service can be taken without any hassle. Apart from this, free maintenance and service will also be provided. With the Livpure Smart App, users can view filter health information, water usage information in real time. You will also get a lifetime filter replacement facility at no extra charge.

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You can subscribe by following these easy steps-
1. Choose your RO model and plan
2. Fill in the installation details
3. Pay
4. Upload your KYC documents
5. Your product will be delivered 72 hours after the order is confirmed.
Livpure’s smart water purifiers are IoT-enabled and are designed with powerful technology. It is a portable water system. Its Bolt Mineralizer and Zinger come with Copper Hot Limited and Unlimited Water Usage plans. It starts at Rs 375 per month. Bolt Mineralizer has features such as 6-stage advanced purification and in-tank UV sterilization. Zinger Copper Hot – provides warm, lukewarm and normal temperature water. It comes with HR technology that saves 20,000 litres of water annually.

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