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List of international destinations, Foodies Must Visit

What could be more fun than strolling through the streets of international culinary destinations? It is time for foodies to board the Google train and make travel plans to places known for serving delectable dishes around the world.

Here is a list of international destinations where foodies must visit

Thailand, Bangkok
The city is known as the World’s Street Food Capital. All of this is due to the availability of various cuisines. The streets are teeming with sumptuous and spicy food, and there are also fine-dining options. Also read:Year Ender: on-screen couples on Indian television in 2022
If you want to eat Indian food, you can go to Indian Hut, Amritsar, Punjab Grill, Gaggan, and so on. The Sixth, Blue Elephant, Thip Samai, and other restaurants are well-known for serving authentic Thai cuisine.
A traveller can choose from a variety of Thai and Chinese specialties when it comes to street food. Non-vegetarians should try Khao Man Gai, a rice and chicken dish cooked in sauces.
Switzerland, Zurich
Swiss Need we say more about cheese, tartiflette, and cheese fondue? Zurich is known as Switzerland’s food capital. It is well-known among architects, travellers, and people interested in learning about different cultures.
Even though the majority of the dishes here are made with various types of meats, potatoes, butter, mushrooms, and creams, you will be amazed at how these common ingredients can combine to form a delectable delicacy.
France, Paris
The capital of France is famous for its cuisine, and there is no better city to enjoy a burst of flavours than the capital itself. If you want to try authentic cuisine, go to Le Mestruet, Epicure, Les Philosophes, and so on.
You must try French Onion Soup, Duck Confit, and Galette while in Paris. Caramels, hot chocolate, jams, macarons, and chocolate truffles are also popular French delicacies.
Italy, Rome
Pizza, Pasta, and Galeto are just a few of the world-famous dishes that Rome is famous for. There are numerous restaurants and eateries, including Unik Restaurant, Supplizio, Pane e Salame, Pinsitaly Trevi, Pizzeria Romana Bio, and others.
Dubai is well-known for its architectural splendour and fine dining experiences. The specialty here is Emirate cuisine, but travellers can also find tasty dishes from Italian, Indian, and Chinese cuisines.
Samosa, Chaat, and Pav Bhaji are among the Indian street foods available here.

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