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Let’s know about some cancer symptoms which women should not ignore

Every year many women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer, including endometrial cancer or ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer. Where after menopause (stopping menstruation) women are more likely to develop certain cancers.

But gynecological malformations can also develop in women before menopause. At the same time, if you are healthy and young, then you may be vulnerable to it due to your age or family medical history. But be aware and careful about getting cancer instead of being afraid of it.

Gynecological cancers have particularly frequent blurred symptoms, which are similar to other diseases. Only cervical and breast cancers can be detected by screening. So identify these symptoms and discuss them with your gynecologist or primary care doctor. This will increase the chances of discovering cancer at an early stage and it will be treated on time.

1. Abnormal bleeding

Irregular bleeding occurs in more than 90% of endometrial cancer patients. If you’ve already had menopause, any bleeding, even spotting, should be checked. On the other hand, if you have not yet experienced menopause and are having severe bleeding or bleeding between menstruation or bleeding while having sex, then see a doctor. It can also be a symptom of vaginal or cervical cancer.

2. Changes in breasts

Most breast cancers are found in women when performing common tasks such as shaving, bathing or scratching. Be careful with breast or armpit lumps. Notice nipple anomalies, changes in the sensation and appearance of your breasts, and changes in the skin of your breasts.

3. Changes in your bathroom habits

If you haven’t drunk much alcohol or aren’t pregnant, feeling pressure on your bladder all the time or a sudden urge to urinate frequently can be a sign.

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Other symptoms of cancer, which women should not ignore –

Breast changes: Any unusual lumps in the breast, thickening or pits, or symptoms such as changes in the nipple or discharge should be checked by the doctor.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding: Any bleeding, heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding or bleeding between months after menopause should be evaluated.

Abdominal or pelvic pain: Persistent or severe pain in the abdomen or pelvis can be a symptom of ovarian or other reproductive cancers.

Changes in bowel or bladder habits: If you experience any changes in bowel or bladder habits, such as constipation, diarrhea or difficulty urinating. It can be a sign of colorectal or bladder cancer.

Weight loss without any reason: If you are losing weight without trying. It can be a sign of cancer, especially if you are feeling hungry or feeling tired.


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