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Leo has become the first Tamil Film to earn Rs 400 crore before it’s release

The director said that Thalapathy Vijay will star in his upcoming film, Leo, and ever since that revelation, Leo has dominated the domestic box office. Why not, then? It represents the marriage of two of Tamil cinema’s top crowd-pleasers.¬†Following Vikram, Lokesh Kanagaraj has plans to create a gangster universe starring some of the biggest personalities in Indian cinema, primarily from the Tamil film industry.

Leo is a hot property for the purchasers, we learn even before a single frame of the movie is out for the public to decide.

With the acquisition of the satellite, digital, audio, and theatrical rights. Leo is reportedly on track to become the first Tamil film to achieve a pre-release recovery of Rs 400 crore. “Netflix has purchased the digital rights to Leo for a fee of Rs. 120 crore” (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada). Sun TV holds the satellite rights, which cost Rs 70 crore. While Sony Music paid Rs 18 crore for the music rights. Familiar with the situation, Hindi dubbed satellite programming costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of Rs 30 crore.

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The worldwide theatre rights are estimated to be worth Rs 175 crore

“Although Tamil Nadu’s rights are valued at Rs 75 crore, the abroad rights are asking for Rs 50 crore. Thirty-five crore rupees is the asking amount for Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. A figure of Rs 15 crore is assigned to the remainder of India, the person continued. The industry anticipates a record-breaking box office performance from Leo and Thalapathy Vijay this Dusserah, with Lokesh Kanagaraj in charge of operations. Leo is the first Tamil film to generate Rs 400 crore via pre-sales. And the pre-release numbers are a record across the market and platforms.

For those who don’t know, Leo is a member of LCU, which already boasts titles like Kaithi and Vikram. The LCU will grow even more with a stand-alone movie about Rolex, starring Suriya.


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