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Koat Pitha: this delicacy from Mizoram is a great tea-time snack

koat pitha: One of India’s most ordered states is Mizoram, an area dominated by the Blue Mountains. The Mizo people are proud to offer the world a variety of delectable delights. The cuisines of Mizoram are only little influenced by Chinese and North Indian cuisines. Mizoram’s primary meal is rice, and a large portion of their diet consists of meat.

A well-known Mizoram dessert is called koat pitha. It only requires a few ingredients and can be prepared quickly. If you have a sweet tooth, this Mizoram specialty makes a delightful teatime snack. Banana fritters is another name for the dish. Learn how to prepare Koat Pitha at home using only a few simple ingredients by reading on.

How Are Koat Pithas Made?
If you are looking for a sweet but comparable teatime snack since you are sick of plain old “pakoras,” Koat Pitha is the one for you.

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2 Cups Of Rice Flour
3 Ripe Bananas
½ Cup Of Jaggery
Oil To Deep Fry
Salt To Taste

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1: of the Koat Pitha Recipe: Take a bowl and fill it with two cups of rice flour.
2: To the rice flour, add a half-cup of jaggery and salt to taste.
3: Place three small to medium-sized ripe bananas in a separate bowl. Thebananas should be mashed until they resemble paste. A fork can be used to mash.
4: After that, mix the flour and jaggery with the mashed bananas.
5: Combine everything at this point using a spatula or your hands for easier access.
6: Knead the mixture until it resembles wet dough.
7: is to roll the dough into little balls and lay them aside.
8: Heat up a frying pan over high heat. To the pan, add enough oil to deep-fry the Koat Pithas.
9: Wait for the oil to warm up before adding the Koat Pithas. Each piece is fully deep-fried until all surfaces are crisp and golden brown.
10: Place tissue paper on the dish before adding the Koat Pithas so the tissue paper will soak up any extra oil. It’s time to serve the scrumptious and sweet Koat Pithas!



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