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Know why doctors refuse to eat biscuits with tea on an empty stomach

There are many people who start the morning with milk tea and biscuits. There are some who believe that it is better to eat biscuits than drinking tea on an empty stomach, it will not cause acidity. But for your information, let us know that doing so is absolutely wrong. This is not right in terms of health. Therefore, only healthy food should be given in government offices. By giving healthy food, the capacity of officers working in government offices will increase and they will not have diseases like diabetes and BP.

According to health experts, tea and biscuits should never be eaten together. Because refined flour and hydrogen fats are used to make biscuits. Due to which both weight and obesity begin to increase. This is the reason why doctors and health experts refuse to eat tea and biscuits together.

Premature wrinkles on the face

Nowadays, due to poor lifestyle and diet, wrinkles begin to fall prematurely on the face. Which should not be ignored. For your information, let you know that the most common cause of this problem is also tea-biscuit combination. Because refined sugar found in biscuits does not contain any kind of nutritious element. Due to which wrinkles begin to appear on the skin. That’s why we should eat healthy fats. This does not cause any damage to the face and also makes the skin glow.

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Causes of weight gain

Biscuits contain high calories and hydrogenated fat. A plain biscuit contains 40 percent calories. At the same time, creams or freshly baked biscuits contain 100-150 calories. People who have a dangerous addiction to eating biscuits should know that eating biscuits leads to weight gain.

It has a bad effect on the teeth.

A bad combination of tea and biscuits can spoil your teeth badly. Sucroze found in tea-biscuits can cause tooth decay. Eating too much tea biscuits can cause many tooth-borne diseases, including early tooth fall, tooth breakdown, holes in the teeth. Bad tooth color, toothache and black spots on it are also due to tea and biscuits.


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